Hovey's Hospital Visit

Brian has been in the hospital since last night (Thursday) with gall stones.  I (Phyllis) will follow up with more info on the blog hopefully later this week.  For now?  I need to get some rest.  I wanted to share a couple photos though to assure those who are praying that he is in good care.  Thank you to all who have interceded on our behalf!  The surgery to remove his gall bladder went well, and he is now resting for the night.  Thank You, Lord, for taking care of us through the help of SO many and on SO many levels!!!!!  More to come......... 
Brian a couple hours after surgery.

Brian's hospital room at Clinica Las Condes

Brian's bathroom....clean, familiar, and functional!!!


  1. Oh my goodness! We are kindred spirits now! I have to tell you that my gall bladder removal was a much harder recovery than the appendix so please take it EASY! And dont overlift what they tell you. We are oraying for recovery and God to orchestrate everything. We love you guys!

  2. Well that was quite the experience for you both! Am pleased you look good Brian and praise God for taking care of all matters.
    Please follow doctor's orders

  3. Praying for Brian!! So glad to hear that He is being taken care of. Praise God! Sending love your way!


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