The Pig and the Chicken

Last night we were out with some missionary friends and they shared the following story (Phyllis’ paraphrase):  There was once a neighboring pig and chicken that lived in a rather unusual barnyard.  Instead of only eating and sleeping, they also did a great deal of talking…..DEEP conversation.  They talked about politics, philosophy, global issues, etc.  One day they decided to talk about the issue of world hunger.  They agreed to think about it overnight and bring their solutions to the table the next day.  So, the pig slept hard and the chicken thought carefully.  When the topic was broached the next day, the pig asked the chicken what his solution was.  The chicken replied, “I have come up with a practical answer to the issue.  We should feed the world eggs and bacon.”
The pig and the chicken SAW that world hunger was an issue in the world.  BUT, what made the difference is that they were willing to sacrifice for the sake of the cause.  Thanks to EACH of you who have sacrificed for the cause of Christ here in Santiago!  We are not feeding the world pigs and chicken here, but we ARE feeding them the only lasting food there is…..the bread of the Gospel.  We couldn’t be here doing that without each of YOU!
Next week we start a Bible Study for the high school men and women.  It is entitled “Guardrails” by Andy Stanley.  It’s a video series, so the students will watch it all together and then they will split up guys/girls to discuss the issues presented.  Please pray for us as we share about principles God has laid out in the Bible to guard and protect their lives against critical disasters that stem from personal choices!